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Tell Your Story | "White Face" Short Film

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Where It Began

In 2014, I started down a path of creating art on video. It began with me making dance videos in my, or rather, my mom's kitchen. I would get out of school, have a song stuck in my head, and instantly visualize where my feet would glide to on the floor and where the rest of my body would soon follow. Those were the days...Eleven years prior to this, I was told by my kindergarten teacher that I was going to be a comedian and that she'd watch for me on TV some day. This was after a number of times I'd found a way to connect with various teachers and students on what they found funny.

What these two moments in time have in common is that they are moments when I felt most alive, moving in my purpose, and most happy. If I had to describe the feeling, its like a warm, bubbly, light, energy that reassures you that you're doing something right. As I've gotten older, I've done nearly everything I could to get this sensation back. Stand up comedy, dancing at parties, taking theatre & public speaking classes, creating characters people could laugh at, making skits about every day things on YouTube and a few more.

Currently, I'm at a point in my life where I can take all those past experiences and run with them or away from them. I've chosen to use all my diverse experiences to make worlds, on screen, where people could get lost in and immerse themselves into familiar characters. So far I've managed to put my energy into 34 skits, 2 short films, 6 music videos, and 1 mini series. All of these creative projects have helped me get to where I am now.

How "White Face" Came To Life

Let's rewind a bit to better explain where "now" truly is. About a year ago, I was at brunch with some friends in ATL. One friend, Sam, is Korean and in his early 20's and the other, Jarrod, is a 30 year old Black man with locs. At the time, I too had locs as a hairstyle and Jarrod and I had a discussion about hair care. Meanwhile Sam looked at us the whole time as if we spoke a different language. The disconnect and curiosity he had isn't uncommon. In fact, I believe all people of other races are curious about backgrounds that aren't their own. However, we are often taught that it's rude to ask questions and to have such a level of wonder. That was the spark I had for an idea that started off as a mini series and molded into a special episode I wrote called "White Face".

This short episode was initially created to cover racial ignorance in a humorous way. It eventually evolved into a dark, elaborate, short film that tackled code-switching, racial identity, and more in an educational yet entertaining way. I've directed quite a few things now, but only 2 such creations were short films. I've produced a whole lot more projects, but never before had I actually been the formal author, producer AND director of my own least not in this way. All that to say I'm very proud of this film, as it's message has resonated with everyone I've brought it to; the unspoken discomfort we feel in a room where we don't "belong". I created this film as a way to teach and exercise the inner creative muscle I've always had as a kid. I can't wait for you all to see it.

Almost At Our Goal | How To Support

As of today (Aug. 2nd, 2022) we are just $950.00 away from our $3K goal for White Face. The funds for this project will be used to compensate the cast & crew for their hard work on set, cover film festival entry fees, pay our editor for his hard work and so much more. As close as we've come, it would be nearly impossible to quit now. We've gotten so much support already and have some items to send to donors pretty soon. If you'd like to be apart of all this and help us reach our goal by

August 10th, you can do so here.

***P.S. If we reach our goal of $3K, there may be a private screening for all donors.

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