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I Directed A Movie!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

2021 is flying by, and its starting to show in the work I've been apart of. Just in February I got a chance to direct my first short film. Admittedly it was nerve racking and I wasn't 100% prepared. However, it was a necessary learning curve to get through.

We're On TV | Checkout The Film

"a little push" is about a grieving woman who finds the power within her circle of friends to get herself back on track. It was submitted to @blackfilmfestivalatlanta on IG for their 2 Min Motivational competition. Our motivational message being; lean on the ones that love you. With even just a teeny bit of help, things do get better. We'd didn't win the money, but I won in the knowledge I gained. If you tap on the image you can watch the film.

Creating For Others Vs. Self

I've actually been producing my own content for 7 years but didn't quite feel the same kind of pressure as doing so for someone else. Since I was 16 years old I directed, starred, edited, wrote and produced all of my own creations. It wasn't until the last few months where I actually first started creating for others in the capacity of video, let alone film. When it comes to creating for one's self, the pressure is all off; only you know when its finished, there's not that much of an expectation - aside from what's in your head, and you tend to care more because its your idea.

What I Took From This

Here are just a few gems I'd like to leave you with, in part to my experience directing this set.

  • Don't be afraid to fail, in fact fail faster so you can get over it and learn how to fix it.

I was so nervous, being in charge of people much older than me and having to guide the vision of the film while simultaneously leading the cast and crew.

  • Know your script inside and out.

  • A shot list does indeed help but it can all change during the actual shoot.

This film was my first time making a shot list and it helped tremendously organize where the camera should be and why it should be there. But we didn't get all the shots in...and thats ok.

  • When it's all said and done, you've made a ACTUAL product, a whole film. Don't be too hard on yourself from mistakes and things that didn't go in your favor.

I nearly vowed to never direct again after the day was over, but that's simply unrealistic and not fair to myself. I actually have something else in the works I directed...its coming very soon so stay tuned.

Shouts to the team: Clive Salmon (Producer), David Nixon Jr. (DP), Corey Boyd (Writer), Okema Moore.

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