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Whenever I make something I want it to make the viewer have a double take on their own life and experiences, so many things we take for granted. If I can make you laugh at something dark or cry at something relatable, I’ve made you feel emotion and have done my job.


Currently I’ve worked in the advertising industry for about 3+ years, have moved around the country 10+ times and have made too many stories to count. Recently I’ve made the move from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California in hopes of creating with more people and experience the West for the first time. Since I’ve moved I’ve produced a few commercials, made a short film and put together a few mini projects to highlight creatives who need to be heard. In having moved so often, I’ve attained a great deal of self awareness and tend to go with my creative instinct…after planning out all possible outcomes that is. I’m a young Black filmmaker with a unique lens that’s ready to be shown. 

P.S. A few of my favorite films include 

  • The Goofy Movie (1995)

  • Life (1999)

  • The Platform (2019)

  • Baby Driver (2017)

  • The Woman King (2022)


Cover Art for Curated Playlists

You can get to know a person a great deal through the music that they listen to. I had a passion project that fused my love for music and photography and came up with a few playlist, hence "Curated By KØRŸ". Take a listen for yourself, you might even learn something. Check out some of the art covers of shoots I've done as well.

Last Summer I had a virtual residency with Wieden+Kennedy. One of the many things I got to create is right below. What you see is my personal story. It's in puzzle form, see if you can solve it. Drag and place the images in proper order.

My identities
What I Do
Why I do-2