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Good But Ain't Great

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

If this film came out prior to the original, it honestly might have been better. It's lively, fun, silly, colorful and light hearted. This contrast too harshly with the gritty, serious origins movie for Wonder Woman. Aside from comparing this sequel to its better counterpart, I don't think this film is a total flop. The 80's themed shines bright throughout, especially in the first fighting scene within the mall. This time period is known for its vivid colors, cheesy-ness and music. I think the film did excellent in that aspect.

Story wise, there were some plot holes that bothered me. By the film's end, the pay off wasn't big enough for the plot holes to be forgiven. The villains in this one were definitely better. Though, for some reason I didn't tear up like I did in the first film. Danger didn't quite feel present aside from when Diana was actually being injured and showing blood.

Read my review in full here. Below is an exert.


Pacing is a bit too long, better message, emotional and lighter than the original. Quality acting! Cliche villain trope of nerdy turned powerful...which surprisingly didn’t bother me. Villain isn’t fully in action till the last bit of the film. Explores human truth in greed and desire. Plot holes: Main villain seems...

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