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An Attempt At Prime Nostalgia

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The Space Jam sequel has been talked about for over 25 years with constant push back from Warner Brothers Studios. After the long wait we finally get to see what we've imagined...a repeat but bigger. However, bigger doesn't always mean better.

With cameos galore from various, if not all, WB properties -- Space Jam 2 made its best attempts to serve it's original audience and the yet still connect with the current generation. By no means was this a bad film. Sitting at 160 minutes, that's just 20 minutes over the original, the sequel takes on A LOT! Infusing today's PC culture with the line up of Looney Tunes characters, quality graphics, a more in control and entertaining villain, and so much more.

It Would've Been Better If...

Zendaya’s voice just wasn't working for me. The character of Lola bunny and vocal stylings of Zendaya don't harmonize in this film. It felt forced and just didn't quite align with what was already set before. Adding to the casting aspect, LeBron simply can't act. There were a lot of unnatural pauses in his scenes. In the end the audience came here for the tunes anyway but I couldn't help but comment.

I Appreciated...

Lesser characters got shine. Everyone knows Bugs and Daffy but to give really funny scenes to characters like Gossamer, Porky and Wiley was a nice touch. The focal point of the film was to not take everything in life so seriously, to have fun. At the film's core, the characters we all love and know got to be their goofy and fun loving selves on screen. These are indeed things we love to see.


Favorite parts

  • Don Cheadle as the big bad (award worthy)

  • Porky's bars

  • Soundtrack won't too bad...can't compete with the OG

  • Animation / graphics were quality

  • Cameos were incredible!

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