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Big 10 For The Win!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Aug. 23rd

We've done it! That's three weeks of quick turn around projects, late night zoom calls and tons of creative ideas.

As part of the final phase of MAIP, the campaign project portion, I was placed into a group with fellow MAIPers from across the country; Texas, Tennessee, New York and Florida. This was probably the most connected I've felt to other MAIPers during the entire program. I think the reasoning behind it was the constant communication and time that had to be saved for the three projects to be complete. This separate time was something I had to truly carve out from my schedule. I had to balance hotel hopping, as my family and I had been preparing to move this entire Summer from VA to ATL. On top of the constant relocation I had to keep my residency work with Wieden+Kennedy top of mind as well. At the end of all this I have to admit, I'm very happy with team ten, A.K.A. Big 10 - and the work've done. The people were very driven and understanding.

Three weeks, three pitches, lots of meetings, few good laughs.

Now that MAIP is wrapping up I've had some time to reflect on all that's truly happened to my fellow MAIPers and I. In 12 weeks, we've been through it all; webinars, trainings, virtual hangouts, virtual internships, relocation during a pandemic, growth and so much more. One of the many lessons I learned was centered around one's drive, we have to fuel that drive and know when to take our foot off the gas. We cannot always be on GO mode. There has to be a balance and the MAIP class of 2020 was that balance of good laughs and bonding; as we all endured a very similar fate. I’m honored to have experienced MAIP this Summer; connecting with different people, developing new friendships and expanding my knowledge within the world of advertising.

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