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Best Animated Film of 2020!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

On Christmas day...or night rather, I got a chance to get in on the experience that was Disney Pixar's "Soul". It was just about as good as I expected it to be. Any movie that successfully delivers a message of appreciation and throws in questions about life in a fun way, I'm all in. Since the 25th, the animated masterpiece has gotten nothing but great reviews. However, I had heard that it does feel a bit too deep to be a family and / or kid movie. To that I say why not? Why not be bold and get those questions about life's purpose started early? We all have to go through the same stages of self discovery anyway. I think this is an intelligent and creative way for Disney to spark those questions in a young mind.

But honestly think back to when you were barely able to reach the counter top. Did you understand half the movies you watched? I know I didn't. The proof is in watching a film as a kid and reviewing that same film years later. You'll more than likely have a different perspective and experiences that make you understand the film differently. So with that being true, the deep messages that some fear might not even reach young audiences.

Below is an exert from my review of "Soul"

To view the full review, click here.

★★★★½ Quality animation...but what else would you expect from Pixar? Story gets deeper as film progresses and becomes an important call to action; appreciate life as if you are experiencing it for the first time. Don't take the small things for granted. The way in which Disney gets this message across is done beautifully through vivid imagery, imagination and stunning fresh perspective. Although the film is reminiscent of "Inside Out"...

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