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2 Ingredients To Rule The World

While speaking with some friends of mine during our weekly brainstorm session, the topic of power came up. Power and influence are one in the same in our modern times. Think about it, the job title "Influencer" didn't exist roughly a decade ago. We created this role, as one who can influence can make change. This ability can be extremely useful and even harmful in the wrong hands. Consider this, a celebrity -- say Beyonce -- could tweet out the request for someone to be murdered and it actually take place...scary isn't it. But it's true. That's the thing about power though, those without it don't often realize how impactful it is.

How Much Is Enough?

As the discussion began to get even more interesting I asked my friends, "How much power are you comfortable with?"I used meters such as; Beyonce, Will Smith, Frank Ocean and Local Mayor. All of these individuals have a varying degree of influence. How they use it and whom has more is what matters. As a collective we generally came to the agreement that we'd want to be famous enough for other famous people to acknowledge us. Something like a producer who is behind the scenes yet still well respected. We picked this as it allows for us to hide in the shadows and still receive the benefits of fame. This decision was also influence after I told the group my thoughts from watching Kevin Hart's "Don't Fuck This Up" documentary. This particular series on Netflix documents the highs and lows of Hart's career. I love studying people, especially celebs, as they are just glorified people with talents. I referred to the Oscar tweet incident that the took place about two years ago. At this point Kevin Hart was reaching his peak in success and could do no wrong...until tweets of his past that were homophobic were unveiled. This occurred the same time we was chosen to be the host for the Oscar's. Kevin felt as if he'd addressed it already and was being bullied by his fame to do so again. But the episode made a deeper connection when it revealed that Hart is responsible for more than just himself. Aside from his own family he has to keep the lights on for his own Production Studios (Hart Beat Productions) + all the families that work there and for the sake of his name and respect for those who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sad Truth

After this long discussion I came to the conclusion that everyone wants to be seen in a world full of people. It's somewhat insane once you really think about it. From birth we cry for attention from our parents. Children throw temper tantrums in stores for public attention. We make ads to sell out products so people pay us in attention...and money to boost our sales. Everything revolves around being observed or heard by another individual or group.

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