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The Best Live Action Marvel Series

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I'll be the first to admit that Loki as a character wasn't someone I was hyped to see get their own series under Marvel. To be frank with you, I haven't even seen the first two Thor films...just not my cup of tea. With that being said, all of Marvel's live action series have ended up surprising me by their final episodes each and every time. ***Side note; when expectations are low, the window for greatness becomes all the more wider.

Over the span of 6 weeks we watched and were amazed as the Marvel Cinematic Universe shifted more and more with each episode. The series took what we already know about the anti hero and stirred the pot even more. Bringing out high level cinematic content, Marvel unveiled layers to Loki's overall character that reveal a more honest depiction of the frost giant. Aside from the action and cool powers on display, Loki gave us a sense of wonder and belief for the future of the MCU. The series is in place as a domino effect for "Spiderman No Way Home", set to release in mid December of this year, and "Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" dropping in March of next year!

The Impact of "Loki"

Prior to the series final episode, the release of Marvel's next big drop ("What If") was just something fun and different; mixing potential plot lines of various characters for the hell of it. Now that the multiverse is in full effect, the "What If" series could very well be a real thing taking place in alternate universes. With this knowledge, going forward in the MCU just about anything is possible. Characters that died in the singular MCU we were watching could be alive and well in another, new characters are without a doubt going to emerge, and also Loki probably won't / didn't die at the hands of Thanos...just saying. Who knows what Marvel will do for season 2?


  • Character development

  • Cinematic foreshadowing of future films

  • Humor and humanity

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